We use only the highest-grade quality herbs, vitamins and minerals to make our supplements.  Just as important as the quality of our raw materials is how they are delivered into the body.  We use liquid supplements and an under the tongue delivery system to assure maximum absorption. Using our under the tongue system, the supplements are absorbed 75-85% directly into the blood stream.

Our system compares nicely with an injection, which typically has a 95% absorption rate.  Our preservative and oral stimulator for absorption is organic grape alcohol.  It is not only hypoallergenic; it is also a natural, clean, safe preservative.  The dosage amount equates to the amount of natural alcohol found in an average orange.  We use this to not only to preserve and strengthen our products, but also to stimulate the mucosal lining under the tongue and in the mouth to increase absorption.  Our method is far superior to the absorption rate of pills and tablets, which average a 15% absorption rate.  This is due to them having to battle stomach acid, the liver and kidneys to find their way to the bloodstream.

Not only that, chemicals that are used to bind pills can stay in ones intestines permanently.  Those chemicals also can prevent absorption and can be bad for ones body.  We use no binders, fillers, or chemicals in our products only the finest all natural ingredients delivered in the most effective method for our body to absorb.