Clearwater Nutrition Lab - Anti-AgingAs we age, our body slows production of human growth hormone (HGH). This process starts at around the age of 25 gradually and the production slows more rapidly around the age of 40. HGH is important for all bodily functions. HGH is converted in the liver into IGF-1 the master growth factor for every cell in our body. With lower production levels of HGH and less IGF-1 in our bodies, negative bodily issues start and increase. These issues include:  fatigue, joint pain, muscle loss, fat gain, loss of libido, lowered immune support and sleep issues to name a few. For many years those symptoms have been primarily associated as aging issues.

Over the past decade new medicine has found that by taking synthetic hormones such as HGH, those issues can be reduced or alleviated and the body clock can be turned back internally. Unfortunately while taking synthetic hormones can help, there are horrific side effects, which can include increased potential for disease and creating a negative feedback loop wherein ones body slows or stops production of its own hormones. Also, those synthetic hormones are extremely expensive. Bio-identical hormones are currently the rage, however they are also expensive, they are also synthesized in a lab, i.e. they are not natural and the negative effects are still to be determined but most research shows they may have the same risks as synthetic hormone therapies.

Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Anti-Aging Growth Factors product (AAGF) was created by physicians to be a safe natural alternative to those therapies. AAGF is an effective way to help modulate and balance hormones, to rid the body of those negative aforementioned symptoms and to help ones body function as it did in their prime and youth. This is accomplished by incorporating a synergistic matrix of natural growth factors, both balanced and in a bio-identical metabolite form. The makeup of these growth factors is the same as the growth factors naturally produced in our bodies and the positive effects begin immediately upon taking the product. AAGF also helps stimulate the body’s natural production of HGH effectively increasing natural growth factor levels.

Supplementing with AAGF helps energize the body and improve muscle tone while having a thermogenic effect on fat cells. It helps naturally to increase libido, boost immune function and helps with sleep. Mood and cognition are improved from taking AAGF as well as joint function and support.

AAGF is a safe natural alternative to both synthetic and bio-identical hormone therapies. It is more cost effective, it does not have negative side effects and for most patients, it will achieve similar results as the other therapy options.

Ask your physician today how taking AAGF can help you.


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