Clearwater Nutrition Lab - Healthy SleepFalling into a deep sleep is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your body.  For it is while you are in deep sleep that your body heals itself, regenerates DNA, rebuilds cells, rejuvenates and reinvigorates.  Unfortunately if you are like most people, you do not get enough sleep or the quality of sleep needed for optimal health.

Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Healthy Sleep product is the complement your body needs to help you fall into the deep, quality sleep your health requires.  Healthy sleep is made of a balanced matrix of all-natural herbs and pure vitamins with no binders, fillers, or chemicals.

Healthy Sleeps drops not only help you sleep, but they help your body relax and feel better through the proprietary blend of ingredients.  Macuna prurens is a natural form of l-dopa.  It helps your body calm, relax and sleep.  Macuna Prurens has anti-anxiety properties aiding the release of body stresses and anxiety while helping you sleep, it even helps both male and female libido.  Melatonin helps your body induce deep REM sleep patterns.  This stage is where your body heals and rebuilds, if you are not getting into a deep REM sleep, your body can never function properly.  Some people feel groggy from taking melatonin, to offset that, we’ve added a nice level of vitamin B-6 to help raise the body’s serotonin levels.  This also helps improve mood and mental cognition while inducing sleep.  Niacinamide is a form of niacin or B-3 that does not produce a flush.  It has been shown to help induce relaxation and sleep.  L-Theanine and Magnesium Threonate work also to help the body relax and to induce comfortable sleep while improving mood, memory and cognition.  Lastly there is a nice level of 6-hour colostrum.  Colostrum naturally boosts your immune function and helps your body stay active while you sleep, helping generate new cell growth and repair tissue.  Colostrum growth factors have multiple regenerative properties that extend to all structural body cells including;  gut, skeletal, muscle and cartilage cells.  This blend of ingredients has been perfected to help you get the rest your body needs, and to feel well rested when you wake.

Ask your practitioner how you can improve your sleep quality and your body’s health by supplementing with Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Healthy Sleep.


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