Clearwater Nutrition Lab - Cervidae Velvet ExtractCervidae Velvet – Nature’s most powerful bioavailable growth factors.

Our Cervidae Velvet Extract is derived from the antlers of North American Red Deer. Our deer live on a free roaming organic farm and their antlers are clipped once a year while in the velvet state by a veterinarian. The deer’s health is monitored to ensure the animals safety. Know also that it is a normal and natural part of the red deer life cycle to lose and regrow their antlers every year.

Why derive growth factors from velvet antlers?

There is no single source raw material on the planet with as much potential nutritional benefit as cervidae velvet extract. The extract contains over 100 beneficial constituents including; 18 types of growth factors, stem cells, interleukins, and amino acids.

Antlers are the only known organ that regenerates every year at such an astounding pace, roughly an inch a day. There is no other similar organ on the planet that grows at that rate. Antlers are loaded with growth factors and amino acids that are bio-identical to ours. As a whole food, when taken properly this super whole food may provide a wide range of health benefits not available to humans any other way.

Antler velvet usage dates back to the Han dynasty in 2000 BC. When the use and practical results discovered over centuries of ancient traditional medicine practices can be confirmed by modern science the potential benefits for humanity are truly amazing. There have been over 3,000 published studies which display a large body of evidence and wide range and number of benefits to humans from supplementing with cervidae velvet extract.

The many benefits reported include hormone modulation and balancing for both men and women, improved joint health, and boosted immune system function. There are studies which indicate improved athletic performance, endurance, strength and recovery time. Other studies show increased libido and sexual health and still others point to improved memory, heart health and increased bone density.

About Clearwater Nutrition Lab

Our cervidae velvet extract contain the most potent and bioavailable growth factors and amino acids on the market. We use a 50 to 1 concentration of our raw material.

We are also a company that takes special care with our supply chain to maintain the best quality, purity and ethics, which starts with raising our deer on a peaceful, stress-free organic farm. No animals are hunted on our property and they are fed a healthy organic diet.  This results in the best healthy high quality deer antler velvet.  When the season is right, a licensed veterinarian humanely harvests the deer velvet antlers and then the animals go on to grow new antlers for the next season. The harvested cervidae velvet antlers are then flash freeze-dried and milled, then processed in a cold water, organic, grape alcohol-extraction process.

The care we take with our animals cycles down to all of our whole food products and raw materials. We only use the finest herbs, vitamins and minerals available. Nothing we produce is synthetic or an isolated nutritional supplement. Our organic grape alcohol is used as a clean preservative and our pure water is the purest there is. All of this as well as the delivery mechanism recommended make it possible to deliver the targeted nutrient to the body naturally.  This is also the reason we are today the first choice supplement provider for many health care professionals.

The quality of our products is second to none. We take pride in our raw materials and we care about the people who use them. We go to great lengths to ensure that when you use a Clearwater Nutrition Lab product, you are using the absolute purest and most effective supplement available.