Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Stem Cell Activator helps renew, repair and rebuild the cells of our body.   It naturally helps activate the millions of stem cells within our own bone marrow to help them work at an optimal level.    These stem cells help maintain, renew, and repair cells, tissues, muscles and organs.  Supplementing with our stem cell activator has many cumulative health benefits.


  • Improve energy
  • Super charge the immune system
  • Support anti-inflammatory relief
  • Provides rapid repair and recovery from illness, injury, and surgery
  • Repair cells tissue and muscle
  • Helps increase stem cell activity


Shake bottle well prior to use. For best results take on an empty stomach or as directed by your medical provider. Take 30 drops (2/3 of a dropper), hold under tongue for at least 90 seconds then swallow. Do not put anything in your mouth for 15 minutes before or after taking.