Aging is not a disease but a gradual change in the body. Declining hormone levels and hormone imbalances long thought to be a part of aging, are now known to be an interruption of normal body function, basically a disease. When hormone production is impaired, physical and mental signs of an imbalance can be apparent. Some of the signs include: weight gain, muscle atrophy, joint soreness, loss of libido, cognitive decline, and weakening of the body’s immune system.

While there are synthetic and bio-identical hormone therapies available to help correct hormone levels, those therapies; are synthesized in a lab, are expensive, and they have the potential to lead to hazardous side effects.

Cervidae Velvet Extract is Naturally Anti-Aging!

There is a safe natural option. Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Cervidae Velvet Extract (CVE), has been naturally formulated to combat unhealthy aging on the cellular level, safely, effectively and without side effects. We use a natural derived, balanced matrix of growth factors including IGF-1 and interleukins to help balance and modulate ones hormone levels within the body. Supplementing with CVE has been shown to help the majority of those “aging issues”.  It can help improve; joint soreness and function, libido, mood, sleep, energy levels, immune system, and one’s muscles and strength while having a thermogenic effect on fat cells.

Ask your physician today to get started on Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Cervidae Velvet Extract and help ward off the negative effects of aging.


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