Over centuries of use, many tribulus terrestris benefits have been discovered ranging from an increased libido and hormones regulation to a general increase in daily energy and vigor. Tribulus terrestris is a spiny plant native to the Mediterranean whose roots, leaves, and fruit are used to create medicine, sometimes with other ingredients. It grows in many warm climates like the tropical regions of southern Asia and Africa. The plant even grows as an invasive species within the United States where it thrives in the warm climates south of the country. Tribulus Terrestris has a long history of use by various civilizations and cultures such as Ancient Greece and India; as well as within traditional Chinese medicine. Terrestris’ history in improving levels of hormones such as testosterone has led to it being used to improve muscle mass and as a dietary supplement for body builders for decades.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits Everyone

Tribulus has a long history of being used for medicine to improve fertility and vigor. In fact, a recent article published by the School of Traditional Chinese Materia and Medica found two steroidal saponins within this plant that are attributed to promoting a natural increase in testosterone and muscle growth. For men, tribulus terrestris benefits include:

  • Normalizing testosterone
  • Improving natural steroid production
  • Prostate health
  • And Fertility

Women share most of the tribulus terrestris benefits that men do when it comes to taking this plant. With women, tribulus has been shown to have potential benefits in:

  • Increasing libido
  • Improving ovulation
  • And decreasing symptoms of menopause

Potential tribulus terrestris benefits also extend to mental wellbeing and stabilized moods as studies have shown tribulus to have little to no known side effects with no adverse reaction studied throughout multiple clinical studies. Tribulus has shown potential in positively effecting energy levels, sleep cycles, stress, and mental health.

Due to tribulus’ adaptogenic properties, it may not garner weightlifters the desired increased in testosterone one may expect but it does point to it having an effect in regulating bodily hormones and testosterone for those who have an imbalance of these necessary bodily chemicals. These chemicals often relate directly to an individual’s mental wellbeing and have been shown to potentially uplift and stabilize mood and sleep while simultaneously promoting weight lost and muscle growth. It is for these reasons that tribulus has been used as a medicine to reduce the effects of low libido and energy for dozens of decades. From its long medical history, to its various uses in modern medicine tribulus terrestris benefits are seemingly endless.