For many people in Tampa, a good night’s rest is hard to find. Luckily, there are many simple ways to eliminate habits that promote restlessness in order to achieve healthy sleep.

Power it Down in Tampa

While many people in Tampa use their electronic devices to help them fall asleep, these screens have the opposite effect. Cell phones, televisions, computers, and similar devices emit a blue light that your body relates to daytime activities. Using these devices does not allow your body to achieve healthy sleep. As a result, you won’t get as much rest, and the quality of your sleep will be poor. Aim to shut your devices off about two hours before bed.

Schedule your Workouts Right

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins. These chemicals boost your mood and energy levels. While this is good if you work out in the morning or afternoon, a late night gym session can have negative effects on your chances of healthy sleep. If you are an evening athlete in Tampa, aim to work out three or four hours before you hit the hay.

Watch What You Eat at Night

Refined carbs, sugar, and alcohol play a negative role when it comes to your body’s healthy sleep habits. These foods show links to episodes of unrest at night. White bread, white rice, and white pasta are some of the most common sources of refined carbohydrates. Cut back on your consumption of these foods during the night, or better yet, remove them from your diet altogether. Instead, opt for cereals, crackers, and other foods that are made with whole grains and whole wheat. Many products that are made of refined grains also contain excessive amounts of sugar, so switching to a less processed product will benefit you in many ways. Caffeine and alcohol work similarly to keep you awake and cause you to wake up throughout the night.

Try a Natural Supplement

Sometimes, turning the lights off is not enough to get a good night’s rest. In Tampa, Clearwater Nutrition Lab uses pure vitamins and all-natural herbs to create their Healthy Sleep supplement. This nutritional aid helps you rest and also allows your body to relax and feel better. This natural blend includes melatonin, vitamin B-6, and Macuna prurens. Each of these ingredients works together to ensure you experience high-quality slumber. When other methods do not give you the slumber your body needs, supplements are an excellent route to go.

Choose Clearwater Nutrition Lab for Healthy Sleep

Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s goal is to provide high-quality nutritional products to healthcare professionals in Tampa. Their products only contain raw, non-GMO materials and no fillers or binders in order to create the most natural and pure supplements possible. In addition to their Healthy Sleep, they also create products that aid in anti-aging, recovery, and strengthening the immune system. For more information on their natural dietary aids, visit them online or call them at (813) 766-2289.